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Character Info/ Permissions

 Name: Mamoru Amami (Also known by his alien/Green Planet name "Latio" but prefers to be called Mamoru unless you know him well)

 Age: 12

Gender: Male

Canon: The King of Braves GaoGaiGar (勇者王ガオガイガー Yūsha Ō Gaogaigā)


Appearance: A young boy with bright large green eyes and rather silly looking brown hair, he's commonly seen in 3 different kinds of outfits

Homeworld Outfit. Casual Outfit 1, Casual Outfit 2


Honorific use: Mamoru always refers to other character's names with honorifics. to characters who are older than him, he tends to stick to the -san suffix reguardless of gender, however, if he knows the character well enough/if they have CR, he may become comfortable enough to use the affectionate -niichan or -neechan depending on gender. (the former to affectionately refer to older guys he gets along with really well with/looks up to, the latter for older women he gets along well with/looks up to.)

But when it comes to characters the same age he is or younger, he uses -kun for other boys, (sometimes dropping the -kun if he knows the other boy really, really well.) and -chan for girls.

Powers and Abilities: I've done a write-up of Mamoru's Green Planet abilities here



Backtagging: Please feel free! You may have to poke me or remind me if you're tagging back to something more than a week old, but I'll try my best to get back to you!

Threadjacking: I'm okay with this as long as it adds to the thread and the other person's okay with it.

Fourth-Walling: Please ask first.


Hugging: Go ahead! Mamoru is all for hugs!

Kissing: It's okay, but Mamoru is very awkward about stuff like this, so he might need help!

Smut: He is only 12, so this is a very firm no.

Fighting: Mamoru doesn't like fighting at all, but he will do it to save and protect others, as he's very brave when he puts his mind to it.

Injuries: Depends on severity but mostly fine.

Death: Ask first.