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This post serves as an explanation to Mamoru's powers and abilities.

Mamoru is an alien, the heir and last survivor of the Green Planet of the destroyed Trinary Solar System, and thus has special abilities when he transforms into his alien form, glowing green, sprouting wings, his hair standing up, entering “Purification Mode” :

However, when not in "Purification Mode" he looks like a human boy:

Mamoru can fly, though he doesn't use his wings for it, it's just a feature of his race. He instead flies by way of floating and flying via telekinesis. He can produce a green energy shield that can deflect attacks or allow for survival in space or underwater, and Mamoru can extend this shield to others near him.


Mamoru can also use his telekinetic Green Planet G-Stone energy to attack by forming a hand sign and shooting bolts of telekinetic force. By clasping his hands together and reciting the “two powers into one” chant, a far more powerful and dangerous telekinetic attack can be used, though it's very destructive and is a strain on Mamoru.


Mamoru also has a power called “Purification”, which can be used when he recites the words: “Curatio! Teneritas... Sectio....Salus....Coctura!”


Purification has many applications. It was used to turn Zonderised humans back to normal, as well as turn Primeval cores into their original Zonder Crystal state, but Purification can also be used for both healing of physical wounds and mental inhibitions (from soothing rage or loss of control, to freeing someone from some forms of mind control.), and, like the telekinetic attacks, it can also be used as a weapon.


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